Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bienvenido Dr Jart+ BB Cream to the UK!

AFTER SO MUCH HYPE CREATED BY @BeautySeenPR FINALLY (if you've been following Twitterville you will know what Im talking about) WE NOW KNOW WHAT 'PROJECTX' WAS ALL ABOUT (drum roll) DR. JART + BB CREAM!!! - QUE? QUIEN? (What?! Who?!) ok for those who dont know Dr Jart+ BB cream is basically the big daddy of all BB Creams! and it has finally landed in the UK all the way from Korea...


Unlike the breed of many of the BB Creams that have already been launched in the UK which are minimal in shades and skin type, Dr.Jart BB Creams cater for different skin types hence why there are 4 different ones in the range, so you can be sure to find one to suit your skin needs! - in all honesty, Im a tough one to get good shades in foundation but have had no problem using the Medium in the Garnier BB! however it can leave a lil oil on the nose after a while but I still loves it ;) 

The one I am super eager to try is the Dr Jart Water fuse Beauty Balm Cream SPF25 - as this one is meant to control sebum production which tends to lead to that unattractive 'cackiness' on the skins surface...its high water content also hydrates right where its needed (you may have an oily skin but you still need hydration!) this one retails at £18.00 

Although these 4 babies will be somewhat 'caros' (more expensive) compared to the current ones on the market at the moment, the hype around it states that VALE LA PENA! (is worth it!) Pay day needs to come round damn quick so I can invest en uno de estos! (in one of these)... 

If you would like more info on these BB Creams then head over to or visit as they are the official UK sellers. If you are on Twitter then follow them @DrJartSkin 

Have any of you tried these already??? What do you think??? Leave your comments below or tweet me! @YENN447

                                 The world has gone BB Loco! lol xoxox

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Browsing through fellow blogger 'MusingsOfAMuse' I saw a review on Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain which are available (obviously) out there (in the US) but not yet launched over here in the UK (can I get a big boooooo) ... These soon to launch lip balm/stain pencils will probably be priced around the £10-12 mark (I think?) but if they are less then wooohhooo!!! I did a quick google search and found that they are under $8 in Target & come in a few different shades... I cannot wait for these to land over here in the UK... these remind me of the Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm by Clinque which I have been wanting to try but at £16 a pop, I think I will wait a lil longer ;)

Below is what Revlon describe these new beauties as:
It’s a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lipstain in an adorable chubby crayon. Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain gives softer, smoother lips with a perfect flush of color that lasts hour after hour. The gel formula comes in 12 vibrant shades that match any look or mood.
What are your opinions on these cute chubby sticks? leave me a comment below or tweet me! @YENNI447

                                              Have a great Tuesday! xoxox

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Curves in New Look

Styling these curves with the help of New Look & 

On Friday I was looking for a gift for my prima (cousin) as it was her bday and thought New Look would be perfect, anyways, not only did I find her bday gift, but I also found a few things for myself...

New Look Coral Button Down Pussy Bow Blouse (from their plus size range) - £17.99 

New Look Animal Print Faux Fur Pumps - £9.99

New Look Rosary Beads from the RE-BORN range - £5.00 

New Look Coral Bead Bracelet again from the RE-BORN range- this is actually the gift for my prima (cousin) so not gna display the price ha! lol 

I find it very hard to find clothes that I like and fit when going to the high street, or shopping centres, I think its been ages since I actually bought an outfit from a store, I have relied on internet shopping for quite a quile now. Also, I have to be honest, I DO NOT LIKE EVANS! I find their clothes really unflattering and BORING... most of my clothes are either from or even my shoes and accessories tend to be from online shopping, but I do find some amazing stuff in New Look, ALDOS, River Island, Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams. 

Where do you like to shop??? Or have yo turned to online shopping also?? If you, like me are more on the plus size end of the scale, where do you tend to get your outfits from??? Leave me your comments below or tweet me! @YENNI447 

Friday, 8 June 2012

MeMeMe Blush Me! Blusher in Bronze & Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak

I had been eyeing up a few products on the MeMeMe website, when a few weeks ago I saw on their facebook page that they where offering a lipstick and a Blush Me! blusher for £7.00 and FREE postage! a saving of over £10! soooo obviously I couldn't give that a miss!! :)

It was a lil tough choosing what to go for, in the end since I had been wanting a coral shade lipstick (perfect for spring & summer)  I decided to go for Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak (£8.50) and Blush Me! Blush Box in Bronze (£8.50) ... I also decided to give their Skin Illuminator a wizz, I chose Sunbeam.

I was super excited when I received these in the post, so much so that I gave them a go almost immediately... I have now been using these for a few weeks and so far its been ok... I really like the lipstick, its very creamy but quite sheer? I was hoping for a more vivid solid colour, and the bronzer is pretty good, definately gives a nice glow! If you are wanting something matte, then this isnt for you! however if you want something that gives a nice bronzer with hints of gold shimmer then this is definately something to give a try!

Out of the three products, the only let down for me was the skin illuminator... unfortunately it doesnt go anything for me, I feel like it simply disappears without a trace on application.... sorry MeMeMe Cosmetics if you are reading this, but I am one let down customer when it comes to this skin illuminator, which is really sad as I was hoping it would be something to keep in my hand bag for the summer ... poohhhhhh ..  :(

Heres a picture of how the bronzer looks on... 

handy brush and mirror! 

Swatch with flash (taken with Blackberry)

Swatch with no flash (taken with Blackberry)
Below is how the lipstick looks... 

Its actually toned down slightly in the picture... 

I know it looks pinkish, but its a coral shade! lol 

09 Coral Cloak 

I <3 the packaging! 
Did any of you see the same promo on Facebook? if so what did you opt for??? leave your comment below or tweet me! @YENNI447 

Thursday, 7 June 2012


                          A FEW ESSENTIALS FROM ASDA SUPERMARKET ... 

So today I stopped by ASDA as I needed to return a top which I had bought a few days ago, and thought I would stop by the beauty section and pick up a few things... I usually rely on Boots or Superdrug but on the rare occasion I do like to browse through Tesco and ASDA... anyways so heres what I bought...

  1. Sally Hansen Polish Removier for dry, brittle nails £2.00
  2. TRESemme Instant Refresh Volumising Dry Shampoo - will be comparing this to the Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo! £5.00
  3. Eyelure Naturalites in 107 £5.00
  4. Revlon Lash Adhesive £5.12 - I bought a really crapy lash adhesive a few weeks ago so hopefully this one will actually work! 
  5. Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Hydrating £2.50 - I was in desperate need of a good chapstick/lip balm
  6. Montagne Jeunesse De-Clog Pores Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips £1.15 - I love the masks so thought I would give their new strips a wizz... 

I will try to do a review on each of the above within the next few weeks as and when I use each product so keep a look out :)

Collection 2000 Teal & Gold Eyeliners

Tuesdays Gold & Teal eye makeup... 

Before applying anything to my eyes I used Urban Deday Primer Potion

I then used a matte beige from my 120 palette all over the eyelid

I lined my top lashline with Maybellines Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Black (such a good eyeliner!)

then ontop of the black eyeliner I used the gel liner from the Collection 2000 range which I reviewed in an earlier post...

On my lower lash line, I used this fab eye pencil in Teal by Collection 2000 & lined my water line with VIVO black khol pencil which is my fave black khol pencil :)

I then primed my lashes with Elizabeth Arden Lash Optimzer - this is also such an AMAZING product!!
then ontop of the lash optimizer, I used L'Oreal Perfect Clean Definition Telescope Mascara

I love my eyebrows looking thick, defined and gorgeous so I always use Rimmels Eyebrow Pencil, and in the picture I have used shade 'Hazel' ... I then use my concealer to go around and define the eyebrow on top, i feel this gives a nice clean and super defined eye brow :)

on the lips I used Collection 2000 new cream puff in Powder Puff 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Collection 2000 Lasting ColourGel Liner (Gold)

This review is for the new gel liner by Collection 2000 in the Gold shade  ...

At first I thought maybe it would come out a nice bright yellow/gold but on application the colour payoff really isnt that great *sigh* I dont know why I was expecting to be wowed?! It just looked so good in the packagin even the colour looked vibrant when I opened it up... The brush I have to say is quite useless, its cute, but useless...and quite fidly for my fat fingers... below is a picture of how it looks on my eyes, there was no flash used, and it was taken with natural daylight... 

As you can see, the colour isnt very vivid, which is good if you are not expecting or do not want something bright, but in my case I was hoping the gold would really show, in fact judging by how it looks in the pot, I was expecting for it to show up more of a yellow tone... this is great if you want something subtle, and I think it would be great used as a base to then maybe apply some gold or yellow pigment over it.

If I had to give this a mark out of 10, I would give it a 7.5

although the colour payoff was disapponting, I have to admit that it is long lasting, I wore this the whole day without it smudging or fading.

I would love to try the teal color and as the gel liners are reasonably priced I think I will probably go get one in the next few days....

These gel liners can be bought from or at your local Superdrug at a cost of £4.99 each.

Have any of you tried these gel liners??? if so what did you think??? 


So my nails lately have felt a lil on the rough side, and I was noticing that when I would paint them I would see little ridges on the nail plate and it would take quite a few coats of nail varnish before they would slightly dissappear... because of this I thought, right! i need to get myself a ridge filler...and off I went on a lil google search... to be honest I wasnt prepared to spend too much, and all i could find was high end brands. So anyways, on a trip to Boots I came across 'Bridge The Ridge Base Coat'  by a brand called Save The Nail and at £5.95 I thought hummm this looks interesting... I have to admit, for some reason what caught my eye was the packaging...I cant even explain why I liked it so much, but I just did... anywhoooo I've been testing it for a few weeks already, actually over a month, and I LOVES IT!!! 

I use two coats of 'Bridge The Ridge Base Coat' I give it a few seconds between each coating, and then I go ahead and apply my chosen nail colour. I have noticed that its not only helped when applying any nail color to disguise the ridges, but its also actually helped TREAT it rather than just a DISGUISE the problem... I can now run my finger over my nail (main problem was my thumbs) and its lovely and SMOOOOOTTHHHEEEE ;) 

So! would I recommend this lovely product? HELL YEAAHH! ... 

This base coat can be used on its own, it gives a nice shiny shear pink color, or use obviously as a base before applying your chosen shade of nail varnish.

The PERFECT NUDE With L.A Girl Nail Lacquer

My mother went to NY back in April, and I set her the task of hunting down Papparazzi Dont Preach by the Kardashians, part of the OPI range... I cannot tell you how hard its been to get this colour, so much so THAT I STILL DONT OWN IT!... Its exclusive to TARGET at the mo! booooo... anywhoooo... mother dear wasn't able to find this specific color, so I gave up on it, but vowed I would find the perfect NUDE eventually!! ... So! On a trip to Westfields in Statford I went into this little gem of a shop - Beauty Base - which is where I always buy my LA Colors, and low and behold right in front of my eyes was THE NUDE I had been searching for!! Its as if it was just waiting for me to walk in and see it :) ...

I absolutely love it!!!!! and I bought another two nail varnishes within the LA range of nail polishes...

One was just a nail hardener, the other a gold glitter nail varnish to go with my nude color...

L.A Colors  £0.99 from Beauty Base

L.A Girls Lacquer £1.79 from Beauty Base

WITHOUT FLASH (taken with my blackberry)

WITH FLASH (taken with my blackberry)
Isn't it just pretty and nude??? I love doing my ring finger in either a different color or adding glitter to it...

So if your looking for a nice nude without spending waaay too much money but is also good quality...then go to Beauty Base and look for LA Girl ... as far as I know, Beauty Base is only Westfields (both of them) 

Friday, 1 June 2012

Collection 2000 Cream Puff

COLLECTION 2000 - CreamPuff Moisturising Lip Cream in Fairy Cake 3

I absolutely love these little lip creams! I got 3 shades from Superdrug but today I wanted to review the shade 'Fairy Cake 3' as its what I am wearing today :)

I've been testing these out since Friday last week, and have definately enjoyed wearing them! The colour lasts ages, and they give a matte look... they are not drying, but it doesn't feel moisturising either? hummm i know you guys know what i mean! haha ;)

Anways so these lip creams can be purchased from Superdrug and cost only £2.99 (or less i think i cant even remember!) but either way they are cheap but do not have a cheap feel to it...

What do you think?? Have any of you tried these LipPuffs???

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