Saturday, 9 June 2012

Curves in New Look

Styling these curves with the help of New Look & 

On Friday I was looking for a gift for my prima (cousin) as it was her bday and thought New Look would be perfect, anyways, not only did I find her bday gift, but I also found a few things for myself...

New Look Coral Button Down Pussy Bow Blouse (from their plus size range) - £17.99 

New Look Animal Print Faux Fur Pumps - £9.99

New Look Rosary Beads from the RE-BORN range - £5.00 

New Look Coral Bead Bracelet again from the RE-BORN range- this is actually the gift for my prima (cousin) so not gna display the price ha! lol 

I find it very hard to find clothes that I like and fit when going to the high street, or shopping centres, I think its been ages since I actually bought an outfit from a store, I have relied on internet shopping for quite a quile now. Also, I have to be honest, I DO NOT LIKE EVANS! I find their clothes really unflattering and BORING... most of my clothes are either from or even my shoes and accessories tend to be from online shopping, but I do find some amazing stuff in New Look, ALDOS, River Island, Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams. 

Where do you like to shop??? Or have yo turned to online shopping also?? If you, like me are more on the plus size end of the scale, where do you tend to get your outfits from??? Leave me your comments below or tweet me! @YENNI447 

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