Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hola nenasssss ...

as posted on my facebook page, NYX Cosmetics where offering a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE promotion on their Mega Shine Lipglosses... so obviously JennJenn just had to go ahead and take advantage (it was right on point with pay day ... muuaahahahahah) now originally the offer was only until the 27th of June midnight (i think...or maybe 28th? sorry mind has gone blank) anywhooo... the nice people at NYX decided to exten the offer, and so the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer is now NYX-stended (in their words...lol love it!!) until Thursday!!! wooohhhhoooooo ::JennJenn doing the happy shuffle::

Now first of all, I placed my order on Sunday late late night, and received them this morning!! thumbs up NYX!!! as last time it kind of took almost a week! so well done, I am very impressed with the quick delivery!!!

the colours that I chose where the following:
  1. POP - an Orange shade with glitter
  2. TANNED - a skin colour/nude shade
  3. TEA ROSE - a nice pink shade
  4. AMERICAN QUEEN - almost like a deep fucia shade
I have to say, that I do really like these lipglosses, the colours are quite sheer, apart from American Queen, they smell really nice, and they leave my lips feeling super soft!!! they are not sticky and gloopy like some lipglosses are ...

My only small complain (NYX if you read this) is that POP feels type grainy on the lips, the glitter is a bit rough, however, this will not deter me from purchasing again, simply because it looks nice, and once you wipe off any of these lipglosses, your lips are still left feeling super soft! so its a very very small complaint ...

so ladies, below are a few pics... I highly recommend these lipglosses, and would really encourage you to take advantage of the offer they have going on! :)

POP is like a sheer Orange colour... perfect for this season!

American Queen reminds me of NYX Lipstick in Eucalyptus

such a cute everyday colour!

for that nude effect! Tanned is just perfect!!

In a seperate posting, I will review the lashes that I also ordered from NYX Cosmetics :)

Muuaahhhh!!! JennJenn

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