Friday, 24 June 2011

Photo Shoot - 18th June 2011

Hey Ladies... now this is a posting with a difference.. I wanted to share something super exciting!!! ... Last week Saturday I did an all day photo shoot with an up and coming artist ... YEAY! I had the opportunity to work with amazing people - amazing in their work, and amazing personality wise!

Makep has always been a passion of mine, at one point in my life it was more of a mask for me, desguising the things I didnt like, and enhancing the things i did ... as time has passed, makeup is more of a passion and my way of releasing the 'creative' side of me... In general, I am a very shy person, who finds it hard to talk to new people, but makeup and the steps I have taken to further my skills, has allowed me to become more confident (some of you reading this are prolly thinking, shy?! uhhmm what?? but yeah ppl, I hide it well! haha) anywhoooo... soooo, since I am on a mission to finally get out there and achieve my goal, i decided to apply for the job of MUA (makeup artist) for a shoot via an old school friend who was appointed as photographer... I was super excited when I got good feedback and was given the opportunity...

Saturday came, I was there by 8am and we worked all through the day! Boy was it one exhausting day, but nevertheless AN AMAZING experience... I dont care about the long hours, to me the hours fly by because I am doing something I am passionate about... the model was amazing, she was demanding, she knew what she wanted, but guess what! the producer also knew what he wanted, and I was in some case sort of the mediator! because they sometimes clashed lol they where both awesome though, as well as very professional.. it was intense, and I was focused on achieving the right look, have to admit I was a little scurred, but the team made me feel so good!! why is it we sometimes doubt ourselves??? I need to learn to be more confident in my work, I guess I have to stop being so hard on myself, because I am good at what I do, regardless of if I have years of professional experience or not! I know my skills will improve with time, and I look forward to it, because in this career, YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING!

I have to say thank you to the following:

Selina Duncan: if it wasn't for you, I never would have had the experience ... I can see the passion in you, and I know we will continue to work together in other projects! watch this space!!
people please check out her blog, she has amazing pictures that you can also purchase!!

Kerrianne: thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!

Blaize: an amazing artist, photographer and even mentor! i think both Selina and myself can agree with that, although I am a makeup artist, I was maaaaad happy that you where impressed with my work, because you as a photographer and with years of experience behind you, I know that you know when something is right, and when something just aint working!!! You where kind enough to share your experience, something not many would do! ... Also, if my bag was big enough i probs wud have begged you for one of your portraits!! you have some banging images!!!

Astephan: you crazy guy! an awesome producer, your vision and your passion is what will drive many forward ... I really do hope I get to work with you again on many more projects!!

I hope to do many more shoots like this, and I hope that I will always have the privilage of working with great people like the crew i worked with on this shoot ... I wish I could post pics, but unfortunately these will have to be posted on a different post as soon as the producer gives me the thumbs up and the artist has released her single! ... cant wait!!!

dont forget people: selinaduncanphotography or look for her on Facebook and like her page to keep updated. 

Muuaahhh! JennJenn
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