Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Interview with a Pro MakeUp Artist - Ana Milena Ospina Ruiz

Ana Milena Ospina Ruiz is a Professional Freelance Make-Up Artist, with many years experience in the industry. With her work covering T.V., Fashion Shows, Editorial and Bridal etc. Ana has had the pleasure of working with a lot of Celebrity Clients over the years and has a loyal client base. If you have ever watched Dancing On Ice then you have already seen her amazing work, as she is part of the Make-Up Artists Team on the show.

She kindly agreed to answer a few questions for LHBM

LHBM: Where did you study? Or what courses did you do to further your career?
Ana: I went to the London College of Fashion and did a BTEC National Diploma in Design Fashion styling in Hair and Make-Up
after that You learn on the Job ;)

LHBM: What advise would you give to someone who wants to get into the same career path?
Ana: It is Long Hours, stood all Day and is not the right Career choice for most but if you have passion for what You do and if that is getting creative with Make-Up....go for it!!!! It is a hard slog but people skills are almost as important as your creativity and if you are approachable (putting Your client at ease from start) and working hard even exceeding expectations you will get recommended. Most of your work is through word of mouth so every job no matter how small has your reputation riding on it. Practice, practice, practice............test as much as possible nothing is better than hands on experience.... i could go on but..................

LHBM: What has been your proudest moment as a make-up artist?
Ana: The Dancing on Ice team Won Best Make-Up in a TV industry Award in 2009 against some very Big shows......that was awesome

LHBM: Do you only use one brand in your make-up kit?
 Ana: No, i have tried and tested hundreds of products from countless Brands but stick to my faves from each one.

LHBM: What is your current favourite product?
Ana:ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh so many but i do love My Shu Uemura cream eyeshadow in red (it makes the best true red lipstick) stays on for hours and looks very Hollywood Glam. Can't live without my Embryolisse Moisturiser and Crealine Make-Up remover they are my Kit must haves along with 8 hr cream and vaseline

LHBM: what do you think is the worst thing a woman could do make-up wise?
Ana: Tough One soooooooooooo many things can be done incorrectly my biggest no-no's are wrong foundation choice and eyebrows (clown rounded or heavily drawn)......NO please!!!!

LHBM: are you available for weddings, quinceaƱera etc? If so, how could you be contacted?
Ana: Yes I am available for Private Clients, Brides etc. I can be contacted on my Mobile - 07919410974

LHBM: Do you have an online portfolio?
Ana: Feel free to have a look at some examples of my work on

there your have it ladies/gents... proof that when you set your mind to something there is no way you cannot achieve it!

Muuaahhh JennJenn <3

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

NYX & OCC Cosmetics

I have been dying to get my hands on some more NYX products but didnt wanna pay the international fee! the last time i bought NYX products, well the loose pigments was a few years ago, via ebay... anyways, so I did a google search (gotta love Mr. G) and came across a really good website called love-makeup which stocks some NYX cosmetics and to my absolute surprise and delight they also stock OCCmakeup! I had been wanting to try their Lip Tars since reading a blog by makeupbyrenren. I had seen her talk about it in a different post but couldnt find that one, soorryyyyy. Anwhoooo... so today I received in the mail (ordered on Friday night) my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Milk' and 'Black Bean' as well as my OCC Lip Tar in 'Hush'...

The Jumbo Eye Pencils where £2.50 - these can be used as bases for eye-shadows, or used on their own
The OCC Lip Tar was £8.99 - these are super pigmented lip glosses!

I will do a more in depth review at a later stage and post some pics whenever I do a make-up look using any of the above mentioned products. also stocks brands such as Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and Stila...
they are super speedy with delivery so If you are looking for a bargain then head over to their website.

Muuaahhh JennJenn <3

Monday, 27 September 2010

Easy Green & Gold Eyes

On Friday I went on a mini make-up spree... I started in Superdrugs inside Bond Street station and as you already know, these cute eye pens by BeautyUK - Metallic Eye Spark caught my eye (they have a lil gem at the end of the pencil!!) ... I picked up the green one just cause I really liked the metallic looking green, and thought it was a great colour for the Autumn season...

Metallic Eye Sparks in Green - £2.49

I used this all over the lid and absolutely LOVED the colour!! however, since I have very oily lids, this actually creased quite quickly even though I used a primer underneath... if you have oily lids like me, these creamy type of eyeshadows need to be followed with a similar powder colour ontop.

So anyways... from the crease-line all the way to eyebrow, I applied the shimmering-eye-and-lip-crayon in Gold by Barry M and also used the same colur crayon under the water-line and in the inner and outter corners of the eye. I blended the green with the gold to even out any harsh lines. I then applied black liner to the top and bottom lash line and finished off with mascara.

When you dont have much time to apply eyeshadow or dnt want to carry too much make-up, I would defo recommend investing in these pencils/crayons... they are a quick way of a creating a nice look without too much hassle and you dont even need make-up brushes! so they are quite good for the beginners who dnt own brushes.

So my final opinion on both BeautyUK Metallic Eye Sparks and  BarryM's Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon  is a thumbs up... its not their fault my lids are oily! lol ...

muuaahhh JennJenn <3

Friday, 24 September 2010

Mission Failed... but I got some goodies... :)

Hey muchachas...
so I mentioned in my earlier posting that I was going on a mission to locate a product reviewd by Leina on her YouTube channel... well my mission failed simply because I ended up in Bond Street (got my Daddy Yankee tickets) and well since I recently (finally) managed to get myself to chuck my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE EYE LINER (i was literally trying to use every last bit) I thought I would take a trip to Superdrug to go get it, started off in the Bond Street branch, they didnt have it (boooo) so since I was already there I looked around and came across 2 new brands I hadnt heard of, one being BeautyUK & the other being Une Natural Beauty, anyways BeautyUK really caught my attention 1. because it was so cheap! (i told you i love a bargain) and 2. because the packaging to the product i bought was sooo cute (well at least i thought so!) so anyways by this time I had already given up on the idea of looking for Dr Brands Pore No More Pore Refiner (i will take a trip to SpaceNK another time) I thought I would take a trip to Superdrugs in Marble Arch (Bloom Cosmetics is only available in Superdrugs) and I almost got excited when I saw my baby (eyeliner) on the shelf, but then I discovered they only had it in BROWN! uugghhh freakin great!! I am telling you this eyeliner is awesome!!! so awesome that they where out of stock of the black one! apparantly its very popular (well duhhh its like the queen of all liners!) anywhoooo so then I remembered I bought a while back a SLEEK Eyeliner in a pot so I will be using that until I can get my hands on my baby...

So below are pics of what I bought today...

Bloom Eyeliner Brush - angled 
Angled brush £9.00

Sleek Contour Kit
Sleek Contour Kit in Light + brush £8

 Barry M Shimmering Eye & Lip Colour
Shimmering Eye and Lip Colour in Gold £4.50

Beauty UK Metallic Sparks Cream E/S
Green Metallic colour for the eyes £2.49

I also picked up the FREE magazine from superdrug because Beyonce was on the front cover looking amazing AS USUAL!! and I love her make-up in the pic...

So in another post I will do individual or maybe collective reviews on the products purchased... and let you know what I think of them.

muuuaahhhh JennJenn <3

p.s. here are a few links for you:

Shiny Face & Pores... OH the joys!

So a few days ago I was looking at a few videos on youtube and came across Leina and this video... ( ... after watching it I was like hummm cud this product Pores No More Pore Refiner by Dr Brandt, work for me?????  So since pay day has come (FINALLLYYYY!!!) I am gna take a little look in Space NK and buy this product... a review will soon follow... in the mean time check out these links if your interested.

muuaahhh JennJenn <3

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Is Expensive MakeUp, Better MakeUp?

For years I used to assume that well known brands of makeup would be better than anything on the highstreet... if it wasnt a brand name then it wasnt good... however, I slowly let go of that thought especially when about 2 years ago I got my hands on a '120 palette'... my hubby actually bought it for me via ebay (i would give the link if i could remember it! sorryyy). When i first opened it i was like a little girl with a brand new barbie! SUPER EXCITED!! that palette is just awesome... the eye shadows are highly pigmented, and last long! it has a mixture of matte, shimmery and glitter shadows and an array of colours... as you can see from the pic below, the brand of this palette is 'Manly' but there quite a few of these palettes on ebay with different names....
Below you can see the colours available in this palette, yeah some look a little messy just because I have obviously used this palette so much... 
Now I am not saying that expensive cosmetics are not good, but what I am saying is that be open to experimenting with products and make up brands, just because some are cheaper than others doesnt mean they are no good...

 the look in the above picture was achieved using the 120 palette...

what do you think??? is expensive makeup better makeup??? what are your favourite non expensive cosmetics???

muuuaahhhh JennJenn <3

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20% OFF - Thanks to the kind people at!


Rocio Durcal

They DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! woohhhoooo and have kindly offered to give 20% discount on your first purchase (and mine ofcourse! pay day hurry up!) just type in the following discount code at checkout: familia (make sure when you type it in that its all lower case)

here's a few pics of these awesome bags! and dont forget to check out their t-shirts too!! damn if only I had known about this before Carnaval Del Pueblo! smh

muuaaahhhh JennJenn <3

New Bag? How About This One...

So as usual lunch time comes around (ok even when it isnt lunch time just dnt tell my boss) and I start looking around the web and came across this website...

I dont usually like these type of bags (just a personal preference) BUT! how could I not like these in particular when they have the image of some iconic Latin Women! Rocio Durcal & Celia Cruz to mention a few (que en paz descansen) as well as Selena and Frida! now the only downfall is that they are a US based company but I am going to speak to them and see if they might consider shipping internationally, cus I know some of you hermosas Latinas would be proud to carry these around in London, or wherever it is you are (other than in the U.S of A) ... in the meantime, check the site out and see what you think...

Proud Latina Baby!!

JennJenn <3
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