Wednesday, 6 June 2012


So my nails lately have felt a lil on the rough side, and I was noticing that when I would paint them I would see little ridges on the nail plate and it would take quite a few coats of nail varnish before they would slightly dissappear... because of this I thought, right! i need to get myself a ridge filler...and off I went on a lil google search... to be honest I wasnt prepared to spend too much, and all i could find was high end brands. So anyways, on a trip to Boots I came across 'Bridge The Ridge Base Coat'  by a brand called Save The Nail and at £5.95 I thought hummm this looks interesting... I have to admit, for some reason what caught my eye was the packaging...I cant even explain why I liked it so much, but I just did... anywhoooo I've been testing it for a few weeks already, actually over a month, and I LOVES IT!!! 

I use two coats of 'Bridge The Ridge Base Coat' I give it a few seconds between each coating, and then I go ahead and apply my chosen nail colour. I have noticed that its not only helped when applying any nail color to disguise the ridges, but its also actually helped TREAT it rather than just a DISGUISE the problem... I can now run my finger over my nail (main problem was my thumbs) and its lovely and SMOOOOOTTHHHEEEE ;) 

So! would I recommend this lovely product? HELL YEAAHH! ... 

This base coat can be used on its own, it gives a nice shiny shear pink color, or use obviously as a base before applying your chosen shade of nail varnish.

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