Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FashionistA Fashion Secret Flawless Primer and Fashion Secret Mattifying Primer

On Friday I went into Superdrug and although initially I went in just to get a few toiletries... inevitably... I ended up in the makeup section... I cant help it!!! I needed a primer, and FashionistA just so happened to have a special offer of half price! soooo I got both primers for £5.00 each... happy days!!!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to use my primers, and boi was I impressed!!! .... I used both of them... The Flawless Primer on my cheeks where I have my acne scars, and the Mattifying Primer on my T-Zone... they both felt amazing on the skin, not greasy, and actually left my skin feeling really soft! My makeup lasted all night, and I didnt need to re-touch AT ALL! ... As you can see, even with flash, my face didnt look 'grey' and without flash my makeup still looked great... so they are most definately going into my kit!!

I am super impressed and think that they are worth paying the full price of £10.00 each once the current promotion ends.

As for the eyeshadows, I really liked them, they blended nicely, and looked great. I always use a primer, so the eyeshadow lasted all night.

Heres a few pics of the final look:

DEEP OCEAN - all over the lid

MIDNIGHT BLUE - Outer 'V' and under the lower lashes

Products Used:
FashionistA - Eyeshadow Palette, Deep Ocean & Midnight Blue
FashionistA - Blush Palette, Cinnamon
FashionistA - Fashion Secret Flawless Primer & Fashion Secret Mattifying Primer
Giorgio Armani Foundation
OCC Lip Tar
MAC Concealer
SLEEK Contour Poweder in Medium
KIKO Lipgloss
GOSH Eyebrow Gel (review soon coming)
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

If you would like to purchase any FashionistA products, go to:

you can also follow them on twitter to keep fully updated: @fashionista_sil

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

VIOLENT LIPS ... The Leopard

Many of you have probly seen these lip transfers already... to be honest I had totally forgot about these, it looked too complicated to apply...BUT! since I am a sukka for all things makeup & beauty, I walked into Boots (Canary Wharf) and right there at the entrance VIOLENT LIPS was staring right at me... and since lately I have been into all things leopard print, low and behold the 'THE LEOPARD' one was right there at the front taunting me... ok it didnt taunt that much, it literally took me 2 seconds to pick it up and put it in my basket 'DOHHH' <---- yep i really did do the homer simpson thing... ha! .... anywhoooo... so I still havent had the balls to ACTUALLY try it... but I plan on having a trial run this weekend, and see how it goes... for now, here is a pic of the packaging:

Have any of you tried this??? Whats your opinion??? ... better yet, are any of you willing to go out with these lip transfers or 'appliques' as they are called on the packaging...

here is the website for Violent Lips incase you want to check out the rest of the range...

Can be purchased from Boots at a price of £7.99

I will post some pics soon with me actually wearing it...and a follow up review... :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

KIKO Makeup Milano... Extra Volume Lipgloss Shade 04

Hey pretty ladies...

Happy New Year!!!! I know its a bit late... Ive really neglected my blog, it was in part pure laziness, and well just didnt have much to blog about... anyways so for my 1st post of 2012, I wanted to share my view on a new lipgloss given to me as part of my xmas pressie from one of my besties!!

KIKO Makeup Milano is an Italian brand (for those who havent heard of the brand yet) which was recently (ok maybe not that recent) launched in the UK... I first heard about it via my cousin who is a professional makeup artist, and so off I went and searched on good ol' google! ... whoaaaaa amazing colors!!!! the brand just looks so good... so anyways, my gorgeous bestie gave me a lipgloss... shade 04, its a gorgeous pinkish/coral colour, which when applied gave gorgeous shine, felt super smooth, NOT GLOOPY (yeay!) and actually gives a gorgeous nude shade (once applied) ...

Would I recommend this lipgloss??? Yes! definately... its feels super nice!!

I hope youve liked this mini review, and tempted you to go and try this lipgloss as well as the rest of the brand... :) xx

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