Wednesday, 24 November 2010

NEW The Body Shop 'Big & Curvy' Mascara

So on Saturday I ventured into the West End, Marble Arch to be exact, on the look out for some boots, cus wearing my Air Forces is just not cutting it for me anymore! Meta para el nuevo año, to stop wearing trainers on a daily basis! (not very feminine, I dont care what Lily Allen has to say! lol) anyways... so I also needed some Pot Pourri for my apartment, and the hubby suggested we stop by The Body Shop... fui solo con la intencion de conseguir el Pot Pourri, pero as usual I see make-up and guess what, JennJenn deviates from the initial purpose! uugghhh ... anyways, I tested out a few eye-shadows, one in particular caught my eye, funny enough, the sales lady commented on the eye-shadow I had on, little did she know I had literally just put on the eye-shadow from the testers available! so onto the mascara... what caught my eye? the packaging was PINK but not just any pink, it was FUCIA pink, I love anything that is fucia pink/hot pink :) so I took a look at the tester one (no I didnt use it on myself! and u shouldnt either!) and loved the fact that the wand was thin, in my case and opinion, when the brush is thin its easier to build lashes, and seperate them, but then again this might only apply to my all time favourite mascara by L'Oreal. So moving on, I was seduced by the colour of the packaging, and by the fact that it had a good brush... so I thought!!!

The Body Shop, 'Big & Curvy' Mascara £10.00
I got home, threw away my old mascaras, remember what I said about doing a clear out in my previous post? well I still needed to get rid of my old mascaras... When I tried this on, oh dear you cant begin to imagine my dissapointment! the brush is awefull!! it almost feels like the bristles arent even going inbetween the lashes, and it took quite a few sweeps before I even felt like I had mascara on... maybe I need to give it a few more goes and see how I get on, but to be honest, from the moment I started using my still FAVOURITE mascara, I knew it was a winner and didnt feel like I needed to give that one a few more goes before I loved it... onto the price, this mascara will set you back £10.00 its not bad for a mascara as you can get mascaras for alot more! but for the performance, I dont think its worth £10.00 the only good point about this product is the packaging! I am so dissapointed, and just proves that L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition is still the best mascara out there for me, even the Original Telescopic is fantastic...

very dissapointed, will keep using it because I'm not throwing away a £10.00 mascara, ni porque fuera ricachona! but I will be missing my baby, i feel so guilty for temporarily replacing it... ho-hum!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Spring Cleaning Your Make Up!!

So we all pay close attention to expiry dates on our food right? God forbid we even come close to manky food with strange stuff growing from it lol ok I am being over dramatic. But yeah, so there is an expiry date for a reason no? So why is it we dont apply this to cosmetics? They dont necesarilly have actual expiry dates printed on them but they do have a shelf life once open! Most cosmetics should be disposed of after 6, 12 and 24 months, pero cuantas realmente hacen eso?? ME INCLUDED! And you know what? ITS VERY NAUGHTY!! Once you break that seal and open that new gorgeous lip gloss, or that favoruite mascara, you are already exposing it to bacteria etc.

By using a mascara for example, for more than 6 months, you run the risk of catching 'pink eye' or the medical term CONJUNCTIVITIS... by using old makeup you also run the risk of an allergic reaction.

My advise to you is to go check your make-up, and do a spring clean of it all. If you have any old mascaras, THROW IT AWAY, if you have eye-shadows that you know you've had for a while and you havent used it, THROW IT AWAY! Lipsticks and Lipglosses, sharing these with friends, or using old ones can cause cold sores now how horrible is that? so guess what I'm about to say to you - yup thats right THROW THE DAMN THING AWAY!! lets be more careful with our face and body by being more aware of what we use!

the below is just a guide, you should always check all your packaging.

MASCARAS: 3 - 6 months shelf life once opened
MOISTURIZER: 3-12 months
POWDER: 2 years

for more info, I used the following site,,548145_183872-1,00.html

Tambien les recomiendo que miren la siguiente pagina... its very useful info!

Happy reading ladies, and hope you find the above informative...

muuaaahhhh JennJenn

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nails Inc. 'Jermyn Street'

Apart from make-up I am also huge on nail polish and keeping my nails looking lubberly :) In my quest to decluter my manicure/pedicure bag I came across a nail polish that I didnt even remember having! so you can imagine how excited I was!! (la emocion de encontrar algo nuevo!) yes the smallest thing really do excite me!

Jermyn Street £11.00

So anyways, the nail polish I found was by Nails Inc. the colour 'Jermyn Street' its like a mauve/purply colour? hummm (never been good at describing things well..sorryyyy) anyways just so happens one of my besties was coming over for a manicure/pedicure before she goes on holiday (Colombia bound..que la buena!) so she was my guinea-pig (muuaahahahahah) and the colour looked so amazing on her that I used it on my nails... right now because of me moving etc, all my nails broke (im not just a pretty face, I did alot of heavy carrying) and so I was left with short nails, and by using this colour, it made them look VERY pretty, point is, the colour will look nice on short and long nails! (yes some colours in my opinion suit short nails and other only long nails). I took some pics but with my blackberry since I cant find my cam... I need to find a good camara anyways so I can start taking pics of my make-up, any suggestions anyone???
ok so back to the subject (I am so easily distracted!) .... Jermyn Street nail polish by Nails Inc. GO GET IT!!! este color se ve divino, perfecto para esta temporada...

Nails Inc. 'Jermyn Street' (Please excuse the pic. quality)

Pretty Short Nails thanks to Nails Inc.
Here is the web link for Nails Inc.  

You can get Nails Inc. nail polish from Debenhams and quite a few online retail stockists.

Happy Shopping! muuaahhh JennJenn

Friday, 5 November 2010

Max Factor, Xperience Sheer Gloss Balm

So last week I was moving out of my parents apartment (i finally flew the nest.. booo) anyways, so all my stuff was in boxes, and I couldnt find my 'everyday' lipbalm - perfect excuse to go in search of a new one... anyways so took a trip down to Boots in Liverpool Street and I came across the new 'Lip Balm' by Max Factor.

Now I'm a sukka for new stuff!! and I do prefer lipglosses/balms to lipsticks... so I thought hey why not try this. There are only 3 shades available from Boots - 02 Coral, 08 Pink Opal & 07 Pink Oyster Shell and costs £6.99. The shade I decided on for myself was 08 Pink Opal.

When I first applied it, I was rather shocked! Its VERY GRAINY!! Now I dont know about you, but when I think of a balm in particular I dont expect to find grainy bits... Its a bit glittery, so I am thinking this is why it feels grainy. Apart from this, I am satisfied with the product as a whole, you can build up the colour intensity by just applying a few layers, its kept my lips nicely moisturised and the tube is easy enough to carry in a small hand bag (clutch bag) or like me carry it in my pocket for easy access :) lol

so would I recommend it? hummm I would say try it, but I wouldnt say its a must-have! If you have some spare cash then go for it.

muuaahhh Jenn Jenn
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