Wednesday, 24 November 2010

NEW The Body Shop 'Big & Curvy' Mascara

So on Saturday I ventured into the West End, Marble Arch to be exact, on the look out for some boots, cus wearing my Air Forces is just not cutting it for me anymore! Meta para el nuevo año, to stop wearing trainers on a daily basis! (not very feminine, I dont care what Lily Allen has to say! lol) anyways... so I also needed some Pot Pourri for my apartment, and the hubby suggested we stop by The Body Shop... fui solo con la intencion de conseguir el Pot Pourri, pero as usual I see make-up and guess what, JennJenn deviates from the initial purpose! uugghhh ... anyways, I tested out a few eye-shadows, one in particular caught my eye, funny enough, the sales lady commented on the eye-shadow I had on, little did she know I had literally just put on the eye-shadow from the testers available! so onto the mascara... what caught my eye? the packaging was PINK but not just any pink, it was FUCIA pink, I love anything that is fucia pink/hot pink :) so I took a look at the tester one (no I didnt use it on myself! and u shouldnt either!) and loved the fact that the wand was thin, in my case and opinion, when the brush is thin its easier to build lashes, and seperate them, but then again this might only apply to my all time favourite mascara by L'Oreal. So moving on, I was seduced by the colour of the packaging, and by the fact that it had a good brush... so I thought!!!

The Body Shop, 'Big & Curvy' Mascara £10.00
I got home, threw away my old mascaras, remember what I said about doing a clear out in my previous post? well I still needed to get rid of my old mascaras... When I tried this on, oh dear you cant begin to imagine my dissapointment! the brush is awefull!! it almost feels like the bristles arent even going inbetween the lashes, and it took quite a few sweeps before I even felt like I had mascara on... maybe I need to give it a few more goes and see how I get on, but to be honest, from the moment I started using my still FAVOURITE mascara, I knew it was a winner and didnt feel like I needed to give that one a few more goes before I loved it... onto the price, this mascara will set you back £10.00 its not bad for a mascara as you can get mascaras for alot more! but for the performance, I dont think its worth £10.00 the only good point about this product is the packaging! I am so dissapointed, and just proves that L'Oreal Telescopic Clean Definition is still the best mascara out there for me, even the Original Telescopic is fantastic...

very dissapointed, will keep using it because I'm not throwing away a £10.00 mascara, ni porque fuera ricachona! but I will be missing my baby, i feel so guilty for temporarily replacing it... ho-hum!

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