Thursday, 2 December 2010

LIERAC Eye Make Up Remover + VICHY Face Cream

I am always on the look out for new skin care, sometimes I find something great but then after a few months it just doesnt do it for me anymore... I think with Skin care you need to adapt to how your skin is at that current point... My never ending battle is with an over oily nose mainly and forhead... not quite T-Zone but almost. However, I have for the past few years now been using LIERAC Diopti Demaq (eye make up remover) for me its by far the best! I also purchase a few days ago some VICHY products which I am absolutely inlove with!

LIERAC Diopti Demaq

£12.00 for 100ml Tube
This takes away all my eye-make up without leaving a residue, it refreshes my eyes, and if i wanted to re-apply make-up I could, which is something you cant do with oil based make-up removers.
''Enriched with vitamin B5 and keratin derivatives, it helps prevent the loss of lashes and restore their strength, suppleness and thickness.''
I have a habit of picking off my mascara from my lashes! yes i know RANDOM! lol but I cant help it, so really I shud have no lashes! lol but seriously I think because of the Keratin derivatives and B5 my lashes are strong, and in very good condition :)
VICHY NORMADERM  Tri-Aactiv Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care
£11.50 for 50ml  
I have quite a few blemishes, enlarged pores and a few scars from me being naughty and picking on my spots when I was a teenager! Although I dont suffer from acne or breakouts, occasionally I get a few spots here and there but the past few weeks maybe because of change in weather etc my skin has been really bad! I had heard good stuff about Vichy so off I went in search... I bought from Boots Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Anti-Imperfection Hydratin Care and OMG!!! me facina!! que producto tan bueno!! seriously in literally one day my skin looked more clear! it totally dried up my few spots also... esta crema es recomendada para las edades entre 18 y 30 so if your younger than 18 I would recommend you use something from the Clean and Clear range since that helped me alot when I was in my teens, in particular the Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub.
Bliss Pharmacy - Marble Arch
Park Pharmacy - Seven Sisters
John Bell Croyden
* search online as I'm not sure where else you could get it.

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