Monday, 24 October 2011

CurvesColourSparkle: RED HOT LIPSTICK

CurvesColourSparkle: RED HOT LIPSTICK


Red lipstick! I dont think I have ever worn Red Lipstick as much as I have the past few days.... actually I have only ever used Red Lipstick literally 3 times in my life! ... its a colour that I see on mujeres (women) and either think damn she looks good, or wow! you need to tone that ish down!! or just completely take it off... Its a colour that can make you look cheap or glam in an instant... would you agree????

I think choosing the right shade is ESSENTIAL, and quite honestly everyone can look good in red lipstick as long as its worn right...  I really do think there is a wrong way of wearing it... but we will keep that to our own discretion :)

Here are my 2 different looks with the Red Lipstick ...

1st Red Lipstick look.. Gold eyes (using VIVO eyeshadow) then adding a matte brown to the crease.... Line eyes with a black liner, can be liquid or pencil, that is down to your preference, in this picture, I used VIVO Cosmetics Black Kohl Liner (which is freaking awesome!!) I then added VIVO Baked Bronze to the bridge of my nose and cheekbones... full lashes, for added intensity, I then lined my lips with CK Lipliner in Ruby and then filled in my lips with 17 Shine On Lipstick in Red Hot...

Look two... simple black eyeliner, lashes, cheek bones highlighted, and slap on the red lipstick! Make sure to cover the inside lip, I know it sounds random, but trust me! if you dont it will look weird, plus filling in the inside lip will also accentuate and make your lips look even fuller :)

Hopefully this will inspire any of you who are scared to try the bold red lipstick, to finally give it a go ... its funny how wearing a bold colour like this can make you feel really confident haha!

For all 17 cosmetics click here ... I am sure you could purchase from other places, but I purchased my lipstick from Boots.

Monday, 17 October 2011

VIVO Cosmetics - Eyes Of Gold

Hey loves... so today I finally sat down and had a play with the goodies kindly given to us bloggers at 'TOWIB' event on Saturday 15th Oct.

I have heard a lot about these products from reading other blog post, so I was super excited to finally be able to try them out myself, since currently they ARE NOT available in any of my local Tescos - no bueno!!!

Packaging wise, its very simple but I like it... I didnt think the colour intensity would be too great, BUT! boy am I shocked and proven wrong!!! they glide on sooooo smoothly and actually the Gold had a slight creamy texture... I absolutely love these shadows!!! VIVO if your reading this, feel free to send me some free shadows in any other color!!! lol (a girl can dream...gta be cheeky once in a while too)

I was slightly dubious about the mascara, I am a huuuuuge fan of my L'Oreal Telescopic, so in trying VIVO Black Lengthening Mascara I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised AGAIN! at how good it was... there are no clumps, my lashes feel elongated and fanned out... exactly the look that I love!

Now let me tell you about the VIVO Sunkissed Bronze (shade 1)!!! wooooo ladies this is the ish!!! I LOVE IT!!! its great for using as a highlight on the cheek bones, and I also dabbed a bit (using my fingers) on my cupids bow and just on the lower lip line to make my full lips look fuller... I love me some full lucious lips!!! I am telling you this is most defo going to be a FAVOURITE among many!!! and will not leave my makeup kit!!! I just cant wait until I can actually go to my local Tesco to stock up on some more!!! (VIVO can I make it any clearer how much I NEED you guys to be in Tescos Old Kent Road!!???)

As for the VIVO Black Kohl, I have to say that I will from now on be getting these instead of my usual Rimmel Kohl Pencil... the VIVO Black Kohl is so creamy, super blendable, and does not tug at the delicate skin on the eyelid AT ALL... usually when you apply a pencil over an eyeshadow, you need to really go over it before you get good colour intensity, well not with the VIVO Black Kohl!!! it just glides on perfectly!!! absolutely love it!!

The eyeshadows where perfect, I used the Goddess Pearl all over my eyelid, in the inner corners and under the lower lash line... I also used it on the brow bone... I have to mention that almost 2hrs after application, there is no sign of creasing... usually without an actual primer, my eyeshadows tend to crease BADLY!! ... on this ocasion, all I used before applying the eyeshadows was my Barbara Daly eyeshadow stick (which i find is pretty good at making other eyeshadows stay, even though its not actually a primer) ... the Rich Chocolate shade was perfect to put on the crease, I also blended this well and again no creasing!! since its a MATTE chocolate brown, I used it to fill in my eyebrows, and it did a pretty good job.

In conclusion, I WOULD MOST DEFINATELY recommend VIVO Cosmetics... I just wish they where accessible to all LIKE RIGHT NOW!! I really want to get a hold of the other eyeshadows, as well as the lashes, and the liquid highlighter which comes in a big tube for only £5.00!! I guess I just have to be patient and wait!!

below are a few pics of my entire look... as well as a pic of the other products I used to create my Eyes of Gold look... this will also form part of my entry to the VIVO competition...

The added extras to achieve the Eyes of Gold look...

VIVO Black Kohl
VIVO Sunkissed Bronze - shade 1
VIVO Eyeshadows in Goddess Pearl & Rich Chocolate
VIVO Black Lengthening Mascara

So there you have it, my review on VIVO cosmetics, which gets 2 thumbs up from me, If you come across them in your local Tesco, dont just walk pass, GIVE THEM A GO!! I promise you, that you will love it... 

VIVO Cosmetics are exclusive to Tesco supermarket. 

Enjoy and would love your opinions! :)

Muuaahhh JennJenn  

Saturday, 15 October 2011

TOWIB - Winter Warmer with VIVO & FashionistA Cosmetics

THE ONLY WAY IS BLOGGING - Winter Warmer, Saturday 15th October 2011

So today I went to mi primer (my first) blogger's event hosted by the lovely 'The London Beauty Queen' at Babble Bar with my amiga (friend) Ayshe from DiscoveringBeauty...

there where demonstrations by two fab makeup companies - VIVO Cosmetics & FashionistA

Makeup Artist Katie Hughes from Fashionista started the demonstration by doing 3 different looks
  1. Rodarte Inspired - a blue smokey eye look
  2. Mark Fast - a gold/brown eye look
  3. Anna Sui - concentrating on blushes 

Annabell Wyatt getting her makeup done :)

After Katie finished her demonstrations, we had a 5 minute interval and then we had a session on HTML... I forgot the name of the lady who was speaking (sorry!!!) .... she gave some useful tips.... bless her you could tell she was very nervous and super shy, but she did a great job at trying to explain things as best she could, I sure as hell could not have stood up there!! so well done to you :)

After this we had another 5 minute interval and then we went onto the VIVO cosmetics demonstration with makeup artist Karla Powell  who also had 3 different looks to show us...
  1. Twilight - inspired by yep you guessed it TWILIGHT the movie! just in time for the movie (awesome lashes!!!)
  2. Winter Bold 
  3. Eyes Of Gold


 I love the VIVO eyelashes that Karla put on her!


Once Karla had finished her looks, we got to choose a goodie bag depending on the look we each liked... it would also form part of a competition wherby we need to create the look with our own stamp on it... I will be doing the Winter Bold, originally I thought I would be going for the Twilight simply cus I loved the lashes!!! they AWESOME!!!! but I really like the baked bronzer soooooo I chose Winter Bold... if only we cud have taken two goody bags!!! booooo lol

there was then another 5 minute interval, and then we moved onto a talk regarding Photography... I was really really looking forward to this one, me and Ayshe even sat right at the front!!
I did take on board a few things with what the girls had to say, but both Ayshe and I didnt stay till the end... instead we went back to Katie at FashionistA so she could convince Ayshe that the palette she should choose from the freebie options was the Blue palette... :)

I think Ayshe ( looked amazing with her eye makeup! she has decided to recreate this look for her birthday next Sat!! cant wait to see how it looks ...

So after all this, the last talk was basically a Q&A session... We where so hungry and tired by this time that we decided to not stick around...

Just wanted to say, if anyone recognizes the ladies in the images from the makeovers, could you please let me know their names so that I can link the images to their blogs???? I made a huge mistake in not actually asking them for their details!! so sorry ladies...

So below are a few images of the makeup we where given from FashonistA and VIVO... they where so generous!!! and I cant wait to try these products out, so watch out for reviews!!




I cannot wait to attend another blog event!! thank you London Beauty Queen and everyone else who was involved in organizing the event, it was fab!!

VIVO Cosmetics is exclusive to Tesco supermarket, and at the moment it is in selected ones, I still havent seen them in my local one on Old Kent Road! booooo super sad!!! but hopefully they will be available there soon...
FashionistA is exclusive to Superdrug, and again is in some stores at the moment, but will soon be available in all Superdrug stores...

below are a few links for you to check out...

Have you ever been to a blogger event??? what do you think of them??? Do you find them useful???

Muuaaahhhh JennJenn :)

p.s. if you would like to use any of the pics from this post, please feel free to do so, but please either link back to my blog or credit :) xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

TEA TREE FACE SPA - Refreshing!

A couple weeks ago, I came across a new face mask, I had used the masks from the same brand before, but this one was a new one, it was literally a mask!

My skin felt super soft, and very refreshed!! I wasnt too keen on the 'mint' aroma... I think it was quite over powering... but i would still recommend!!

These masks can be found at your local supermarket as well as Superdrug.

Have any of you already tried these masks?? What is your opinion??? Do you have any favourites???

Would love to hear from you all!! :)

Muuaahhh Jenn Jenn

Armani Makeup & Linda Cantello

Hey girlies...

so last week I went to an Armani Makeup event which took place in Selfridges ... to be honest I never attend these things just cus ... hummm actually i dont even know why... haha but anyways, the reason I attended this one was because their international makeup artist Linda Cantello was going to be there... she is basically makeup artist to the big A list celebs! and I felt it would be great to try and have a chat with her... my friend Valeria was actually the one who told me about this Armani event, to be honest if it wasnt for her I wouldnt even have known it was happening... anyways, so Valeria booked an appointment, we had ours at 6:45pm... I got there early, they offered us drinks, and the staff where super super friendly!!! unlike staff from other makeup counters... so thumbs up Armani!!! for that :)

6:45pm came, and it was time for our appointment, one of the makeup artists did Valerias makeup...while I sat there and asked questions, we then met the lovely Linda, who was happy to come talk to us and answer some of my questions as well... even though she is right up there with the pros, she was great to talk to, willing to share her tips, and aahhh she was just amazing!!!

so the appointment was £30.00 but you could then redeem it against any product... me and Valeria went half on it, and so I got a foundation... and since we got a goodie bag, with amazing samples as well as a full size lipstick, she kept all of that... ok apart from the sample size of the mascara :)

I have to say Armani makeup is worth every penny!! below are a few pics from that night ...

A full review on the mascara and foundation will follow soon...

below is the link for the Armani makeup website incase you gorgeous ladies want to take a browse...

also take a look at the below link if you want to know more about the lovely Linda Cantello...

enjoy suga mamas!!!

Muuaahhh Jenn Jenn

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