Monday, 24 October 2011


Red lipstick! I dont think I have ever worn Red Lipstick as much as I have the past few days.... actually I have only ever used Red Lipstick literally 3 times in my life! ... its a colour that I see on mujeres (women) and either think damn she looks good, or wow! you need to tone that ish down!! or just completely take it off... Its a colour that can make you look cheap or glam in an instant... would you agree????

I think choosing the right shade is ESSENTIAL, and quite honestly everyone can look good in red lipstick as long as its worn right...  I really do think there is a wrong way of wearing it... but we will keep that to our own discretion :)

Here are my 2 different looks with the Red Lipstick ...

1st Red Lipstick look.. Gold eyes (using VIVO eyeshadow) then adding a matte brown to the crease.... Line eyes with a black liner, can be liquid or pencil, that is down to your preference, in this picture, I used VIVO Cosmetics Black Kohl Liner (which is freaking awesome!!) I then added VIVO Baked Bronze to the bridge of my nose and cheekbones... full lashes, for added intensity, I then lined my lips with CK Lipliner in Ruby and then filled in my lips with 17 Shine On Lipstick in Red Hot...

Look two... simple black eyeliner, lashes, cheek bones highlighted, and slap on the red lipstick! Make sure to cover the inside lip, I know it sounds random, but trust me! if you dont it will look weird, plus filling in the inside lip will also accentuate and make your lips look even fuller :)

Hopefully this will inspire any of you who are scared to try the bold red lipstick, to finally give it a go ... its funny how wearing a bold colour like this can make you feel really confident haha!

For all 17 cosmetics click here ... I am sure you could purchase from other places, but I purchased my lipstick from Boots.

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