Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hola nenasssss ...

as posted on my facebook page, NYX Cosmetics where offering a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE promotion on their Mega Shine Lipglosses... so obviously JennJenn just had to go ahead and take advantage (it was right on point with pay day ... muuaahahahahah) now originally the offer was only until the 27th of June midnight (i think...or maybe 28th? sorry mind has gone blank) anywhooo... the nice people at NYX decided to exten the offer, and so the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer is now NYX-stended (in their words...lol love it!!) until Thursday!!! wooohhhhoooooo ::JennJenn doing the happy shuffle::

Now first of all, I placed my order on Sunday late late night, and received them this morning!! thumbs up NYX!!! as last time it kind of took almost a week! so well done, I am very impressed with the quick delivery!!!

the colours that I chose where the following:
  1. POP - an Orange shade with glitter
  2. TANNED - a skin colour/nude shade
  3. TEA ROSE - a nice pink shade
  4. AMERICAN QUEEN - almost like a deep fucia shade
I have to say, that I do really like these lipglosses, the colours are quite sheer, apart from American Queen, they smell really nice, and they leave my lips feeling super soft!!! they are not sticky and gloopy like some lipglosses are ...

My only small complain (NYX if you read this) is that POP feels type grainy on the lips, the glitter is a bit rough, however, this will not deter me from purchasing again, simply because it looks nice, and once you wipe off any of these lipglosses, your lips are still left feeling super soft! so its a very very small complaint ...

so ladies, below are a few pics... I highly recommend these lipglosses, and would really encourage you to take advantage of the offer they have going on! :)

POP is like a sheer Orange colour... perfect for this season!

American Queen reminds me of NYX Lipstick in Eucalyptus

such a cute everyday colour!

for that nude effect! Tanned is just perfect!!

In a seperate posting, I will review the lashes that I also ordered from NYX Cosmetics :)

Muuaahhhh!!! JennJenn

Friday, 24 June 2011

Photo Shoot - 18th June 2011

Hey Ladies... now this is a posting with a difference.. I wanted to share something super exciting!!! ... Last week Saturday I did an all day photo shoot with an up and coming artist ... YEAY! I had the opportunity to work with amazing people - amazing in their work, and amazing personality wise!

Makep has always been a passion of mine, at one point in my life it was more of a mask for me, desguising the things I didnt like, and enhancing the things i did ... as time has passed, makeup is more of a passion and my way of releasing the 'creative' side of me... In general, I am a very shy person, who finds it hard to talk to new people, but makeup and the steps I have taken to further my skills, has allowed me to become more confident (some of you reading this are prolly thinking, shy?! uhhmm what?? but yeah ppl, I hide it well! haha) anywhoooo... soooo, since I am on a mission to finally get out there and achieve my goal, i decided to apply for the job of MUA (makeup artist) for a shoot via an old school friend who was appointed as photographer... I was super excited when I got good feedback and was given the opportunity...

Saturday came, I was there by 8am and we worked all through the day! Boy was it one exhausting day, but nevertheless AN AMAZING experience... I dont care about the long hours, to me the hours fly by because I am doing something I am passionate about... the model was amazing, she was demanding, she knew what she wanted, but guess what! the producer also knew what he wanted, and I was in some case sort of the mediator! because they sometimes clashed lol they where both awesome though, as well as very professional.. it was intense, and I was focused on achieving the right look, have to admit I was a little scurred, but the team made me feel so good!! why is it we sometimes doubt ourselves??? I need to learn to be more confident in my work, I guess I have to stop being so hard on myself, because I am good at what I do, regardless of if I have years of professional experience or not! I know my skills will improve with time, and I look forward to it, because in this career, YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING!

I have to say thank you to the following:

Selina Duncan: if it wasn't for you, I never would have had the experience ... I can see the passion in you, and I know we will continue to work together in other projects! watch this space!!
people please check out her blog, she has amazing pictures that you can also purchase!! www.selinaduncanphotography.com

Kerrianne: thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!

Blaize: an amazing artist, photographer and even mentor! i think both Selina and myself can agree with that, although I am a makeup artist, I was maaaaad happy that you where impressed with my work, because you as a photographer and with years of experience behind you, I know that you know when something is right, and when something just aint working!!! You where kind enough to share your experience, something not many would do! ... Also, if my bag was big enough i probs wud have begged you for one of your portraits!! you have some banging images!!!

Astephan: you crazy guy! an awesome producer, your vision and your passion is what will drive many forward ... I really do hope I get to work with you again on many more projects!!

I hope to do many more shoots like this, and I hope that I will always have the privilage of working with great people like the crew i worked with on this shoot ... I wish I could post pics, but unfortunately these will have to be posted on a different post as soon as the producer gives me the thumbs up and the artist has released her single! ... cant wait!!!

dont forget people: selinaduncanphotography or look for her on Facebook and like her page to keep updated. 

Muuaahhh! JennJenn

Thursday, 9 June 2011

How To Fix A Broken/Split Nail ... Tea Bag Style :)

Dont you hate it when you manage to finally grow your nails and POW!! it splits o se te daña justo a un ladito... most of the time I avoid cutting it until it gets caught on something and I have no choice but to emparejar las otras by cutting them all ... Well I remembered a lil truco my mother showed me years back... she told me if something like that happens just cut a small piece of paper and apply to the nail and cover with clear nail varnish... now this time, instead of paper (yes literally paper) I tried with a small piece of a Tea Bag... to see what I mean, just carry on reading...

Empty out a tea bag (doesnt matter what tea-bag just any tea-bag you have en la casa) and then cut out a small section ...

Measure this little piece on the nail, and cut if needs be...

Using a clear nail varnish (preferiblemente una que sea para endurecer la uña) apply some to the nail... then place the little piece onto the section where its broke ... in my case, my nail split slap bang in the middle!!! booooo ....

then apply another coat of nail varnish over the whole nail and if there is any overhang just file it off and WHOALAAAA your nail is good to go for a few more days....

this is especially handy cuando la uña se parte in an awkward corner where it kind of hurts if you even tried to pull it off... plus it stops the nail from getting caught... especially when your trying to wash your hair!! o se engarza en tu ropa (we all know thats happened atleast once before in our lives! ouch!) 

Bueno muchachas hope this comes handy someday!! :)

muuuaahhhh JennJenn

Thursday, 2 June 2011

La Magia Del Maquillaje!!!

Ahora ultimo Jennifer Lopez seems to be hot topic!! Everyone is amazed by her 'comeback' y entre nosotras las mujeres, admiring how freaking awesome she looks!!!! It has to be said, the woman just looks amazing... and then i discovered something .... una foto que demuestra la magia del maquillaje... and how contouring along with good makeup application can change you in an instance...

Como ven, miss J-Lo doesnt look too hot in this pic... but then again only a few lucky people do look good without so much makeup!! Yo por lo menos me veo fatal sin maquillaje, me veo enferrrrrma lol
Now the main reason for this posting, is simply to highlight the fact that all these glamorous celeb ladies who most of us admire, dont look amazing 24/7 and it only takes a bit of makeup to look just as amazing!! Its not even about expensive makeup, its all about investing in the right shades, and learning some good aplication techniques...

here is another celebrity Latina not looking too hot without the makeup (i think we have all seen this pic) ...

So the next time you look at a celebrity and think damn i wish i looked like her... just switch it to 'yep I'm going to try that makeup look...hair look...maybe even fashion style' (there is always something similar out there, without the celeb price tag)'

Now just to finish it up, in no way, shape or form, am i HATING! ... with or without makeup, they are still women and we are all beautiful in our own ways... just simply stating that makeup really does help...

JennJenn :)


So usually when I go for a strong look on the eyes, I tend to stick to softer shades on the lips... this time I decided to be a little more brave and go for a more strong color.

Urban Decay Primer
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Early Tan (for oily/combination skin)
Inglot bronzer (the only store i know of is in Westfields Shopping Mall)
L'Oreal Blush in pink

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - base
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk White - 2nd base
Matte beige eyeshadow by Sonia Kashuk
NYX Glitter in Platinum
Manly Eyeshadow Palette - black matte shadow
Bourjois Liquid Liner in black
AVON Glimmerstick eye pencil in Black
Eyelure Lashes (i bought the multipack from boots, its worth it!)

NYX Lipstick in Eucalyptus

HOLY COMMUNION - Mother & Daughter Hair/Makeup

This past weekend, my Godaughter along with her brothers celebrated their First Holy Communion, so I was in charge of her hair as well as her mothers hair and makeup :) ...

DANIELLA - My Godaughter

Daniella sabia exactamente lo que queria! she didnt want tight curls, and she didnt want something like 'all the other girls' (those where her exact words!) and she was adamant she wanted braids!! so I had to come up with something simple, but nice for the ocasion, and so I decided on two very small braids at the front and then the rest of the hair was curled in more or less lose curls...


With Monica, originally we where going to go for something dramatic on the eyes, and we where going to leave her hair down... a lo ultimo decidimos en el cabello recojido in a very modern side chignon (bun) and suttle on the eyes but a nice vibrant lip color ...

NEW C.I.D COSMETICS CONCEALER - this worked really well as a base!

LIGHT BROWN ON THE CREASE - using Manly Palette
DARKER BROWN ON THE OUTER 'V' - again using an eyeshadow from my Manly Palette
NEW GIRLS ALOUD EYELURE LASHES - Cheryl Cole full and flirty lashes

NO.17 LIPGLOSS IN A BERRY PINK SHADE (cant remember the name sorry!)



Her hair was slightly damp and using a flat brush I brushed her hair to the side and with a strong hair band held it in place then with a few hair grips i manipulated it into a chignon (not too messy but not too neat)
then using Phyto Sculpting Gel I set the rest of the hair making sure there where no wispy bits.

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