Thursday, 26 September 2013


A quick post on Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas Foundation and Camo Cover

I needed to get a few foundations for darker skin tones, and I had initially been looking at Maq Pro foundations but then I came across a blog post from epiphanniea and thought I would give Daniel Sandler a go, especially as the foundations where (and still are) only £2.50, this is an 'offer' price, and the shades tend to vary mainly for darker skin tones... I would say from Olive (tan) skin tones to the more darker ebony tones with red undertones... for me the shades available where perfect! I also ordered 3 different shades of Daniel Sandler Camo Cover.

Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas Shades: 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 (x3) 
Daniel Sandler Camo Cover Shades: 9, 8, 5

The swatch above, is shade 15 at the top down to shade 19 (Perfect Canvas Foundation) and shades 9, 8 and 5 concealer (Camo Cover) on the right.

I edited my order sooooo many times that I hadnt realised I had ordered shade 15 Perfect Canvas THREE TIMES! lol uuppsss... so I am sending 2 back in exchange for sades 8 & 9 which are the two lightest shades currently available (I want to use them on myself for a follow up review!)

The bottles are quite small, they are 15ml (0.5fl oz) but the general opinion is that a little goes a long way and so this will last you quite a while, depending on how often you use them! but kit wise these are perfect as they dont take up much space...

The Camo Covers, are quite creamy but they seem to dry very quickly, I ordered shade 5 thinking it would be alright for me, but I think its going to be quite dark, so once I try it on mysef I can do a better review on it, these where also on sale! These concealers claim to be 'Heavy Duty with added Tea Tree' so not only will they cover dark circles but they will also treat :)

With my purchase, I also received a FREE Concealer Brush so definately looking forward to using that :)

Have you tried any Daniel Sandler products? if so, what have you tried and what is your opinion??

Daniel Sandler Website:

EX1 COSMETICS - have we finally been catered to?

Hola Nenasssss...

so how many times have you stood infront of the gazillions of foundations and swatched your face, hands and neck endlessly and still walked out either with the wrong shade of foundation or no foundation at all?? YEP! un monton de veces! just like meeee... but now us Latinas or should I say us gorg ladies with an Olive Complexion may finally have a cosmetic range which is catered specifically to us... us as in us with thee OLIVE COMPLEXION... 

image source: 

this is what EX1 have to say on their website;

EX1 Cosmetics celebrates this. It is totally dedicated to Asian, Middle/Far-Eastern or Mediterranean complexions. From golden yellow to deep olive, every product from this award-winning brand is designed specifically to suit these skin tones.

Are you excited??? yep I am ... and since pay day has kindly showed up PUES ME VOY A IR A INVESTIGAR! (gonna go check it out at Harvey Nicks!) they are currently stocked at the following:


Hopefully a review with an actual sample or product will be up soon! in the meantime you can also check their website out

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

SOAP & GLORY Thick & Fast Mascara & Smoulder Kohl

Hey Chicas... 

so I did a bit of a clear out in regards to mascaras... which meant I needed to search for a new one... on a little trip to Boots, I looked through all different brands, but I wanted something different from the usual L'Oreal etc and thats when Soap & Glory caught my eye!! I am a sucker for packaging! and Sopa (soup? haha! i swear Im not thinking about SOUP!) & Glory (Soap & Glory) are fantastic at this! I wanted to buy the whole stand haha but since I was only searching for Mascara, I decided to go for THICK & FAST  HD Mascara, but I couldnt resist a new eyeliner, so I went for SMOULDER Kohl... 

The Mascara is great, I am quite fussy with the type of mascara wands, and this one is great, can be a lil fidly at first but then you get the hand of it, as there are two sides one with slightly longer bristles and one with more dense shorter ones... the formula and wand works well with my lashes, definately lifts and seperates them giving them a lovely flirty look but still quite natural... 

Smoulder Kohl, great for deep black lining, but although it says its waterproof, it tends to smudge quite easily, it glides on the water line, doesn tug, so its very good in that sense, but I think it needs maybe a black powder to go over it maybe to stop it from smudging... need to expriment a bit with it...

overal, defo recommend both products, and you need to check out the rest of the range.... this is almost like a more affordable version of Benefit... :) 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

MONTAGNE JENNESSE Hot Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Masque

I am usually a lover of Montagne Jennesse Masks, but unfortunately, this time round I really wasnt impressed.

I have very oily skin, particularly on the good ol T-Zone, my cheecks and around my nose can be a little weird though as it can get oily, but at times feel a little dehydrated. I have quite large pores, and quite a lot of acne scars (so depressing!) so when I do masks, I go for pore cleansing masks, and also masks that help to tighten and minimize pore size, I find that these also help thee lovely scars...

This Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Masque seemed ideal, as I needed something to deep cleanse, I wasnt expecting smaller/tighter pores but hey even if it doesnt say it on the packaging, one could wish for that as an extra, right? WELL... The mask made NO difference at all, I didnt feel it did much cleansing of the pores, my skin felt a little dry once I washed it all off, and I felt I needed to triple moisturise after using it... the mask was left on for no longer than 15mins. The only good thing about this mask was the texture of it, ease of application and the scent. Thats it, NADA MAS! (nothing more) so yep, totes disappointed!

I was going to post a before and after, but my skin is so bad with no makeup that I just couldn't put you all through that, you might have nightmares! haha (trust me its bad!)

ROBERTO CAVALLI - si tuviera todo el dinero del mundo...

Con tantos dise├▒adores en el mundo, hay uno en particular that gives me goosebumps... that is the amazing Roberto Cavalli.

His designs, the prints, the fabrics just everything shouts Classy Sexiness... si tuviera todo el dinero del mundo, and had J-Lo's figure, I would dress from head to toe in Cavalli. Below les dejo some of my favourite pieces from the Autumn/Winter 13 collection

Being a HUGE Leopard Print fanatic, you can see why I love the above two dresses!

What I also love is that Cavalli have, although limited (and not always flattering) a PLUS SIZE range, which if your interested in, go to and check out the plus size pieces on offer... my favorite is the Roberto Cavalli White Leopard Print Dress click on the link to view

Are there any designers that you favor and do they have a range that caters to the more voluptuous woman? If money wasnt an issue, what would you spend your money on???

*all pictures from

Sunday, 1 September 2013

ASDA: Wonderfit Jeans #PlusSize

Today on a little shopping trip to Asda for some ingredients I came across some amazing jeans and top!

Im totally INLOVE!

As una gordita, finding jeans is sometimes challenging, and I am very fussy when it comes to jeans! My favorite color when it comes to jeans is Black, I just think they look so good with anything, dressed up or down! and I am also very fussy when it comes to the type of 'black' as I hate the cheap looking faded kind of black, for me, they have to be a real pure black shade, exactly like the ones I found in ASDA! These jeans are super stretchy, and when I tried them on, they fit sooooo good! they make my booty look fabulicioussss if I do say so myself! :) I also stumbled across this amazing sweater which is going to be great for the coming autumn season... it has a type of leopard print (which is my fav type of print) and a gold '84' motif on the front... If any of you come across these items in ASDA, I totally urge you to purchase! I cant wait to wear my new jeans and sweater!

George at ASDA Jeans (size 20/22) & Sweater (size 20)

Have you ever bought clothes from supermarkets? I have, I am not ashamed to admit it, I know some people are, or wont even contemplate it, but I am the type that If I like something I will buy it, no matter where it is from :)

Face Of The Day

Lierac Hydra Chrono Mattifying Moisturiser
NYX Pore Filer Primer
TARTE Primer
Illamasque Rich Liquid Foundation in RF233
MeMeMe Blush Me! in Bronze

Too Faced Primer Potion (not shown)
Sleek Ultra Matts V1 palette - used the shade FLOSS on the eyelid
UD Naked Basics Palette (not shown) - used shade NAKED 2 on the crease
NARS Jumbo Pencil to highlight inner corners of the eyes and under the brows
Illamasqua Gel Liner to line eyes with a thin flicked line :) ... this eyeliner is soooo good!

Fashionista Brow Palette mixed with a little Illamasque Gel Sealer

NYX Extreme Lip Cream in Candy Land

Hope you've all had a great weekend!

JennJenn xx
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