Thursday, 26 September 2013


A quick post on Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas Foundation and Camo Cover

I needed to get a few foundations for darker skin tones, and I had initially been looking at Maq Pro foundations but then I came across a blog post from epiphanniea and thought I would give Daniel Sandler a go, especially as the foundations where (and still are) only £2.50, this is an 'offer' price, and the shades tend to vary mainly for darker skin tones... I would say from Olive (tan) skin tones to the more darker ebony tones with red undertones... for me the shades available where perfect! I also ordered 3 different shades of Daniel Sandler Camo Cover.

Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas Shades: 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 (x3) 
Daniel Sandler Camo Cover Shades: 9, 8, 5

The swatch above, is shade 15 at the top down to shade 19 (Perfect Canvas Foundation) and shades 9, 8 and 5 concealer (Camo Cover) on the right.

I edited my order sooooo many times that I hadnt realised I had ordered shade 15 Perfect Canvas THREE TIMES! lol uuppsss... so I am sending 2 back in exchange for sades 8 & 9 which are the two lightest shades currently available (I want to use them on myself for a follow up review!)

The bottles are quite small, they are 15ml (0.5fl oz) but the general opinion is that a little goes a long way and so this will last you quite a while, depending on how often you use them! but kit wise these are perfect as they dont take up much space...

The Camo Covers, are quite creamy but they seem to dry very quickly, I ordered shade 5 thinking it would be alright for me, but I think its going to be quite dark, so once I try it on mysef I can do a better review on it, these where also on sale! These concealers claim to be 'Heavy Duty with added Tea Tree' so not only will they cover dark circles but they will also treat :)

With my purchase, I also received a FREE Concealer Brush so definately looking forward to using that :)

Have you tried any Daniel Sandler products? if so, what have you tried and what is your opinion??

Daniel Sandler Website:

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