Wednesday, 4 September 2013

MONTAGNE JENNESSE Hot Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Masque

I am usually a lover of Montagne Jennesse Masks, but unfortunately, this time round I really wasnt impressed.

I have very oily skin, particularly on the good ol T-Zone, my cheecks and around my nose can be a little weird though as it can get oily, but at times feel a little dehydrated. I have quite large pores, and quite a lot of acne scars (so depressing!) so when I do masks, I go for pore cleansing masks, and also masks that help to tighten and minimize pore size, I find that these also help thee lovely scars...

This Chocolate Pore Cleansing Sauna Masque seemed ideal, as I needed something to deep cleanse, I wasnt expecting smaller/tighter pores but hey even if it doesnt say it on the packaging, one could wish for that as an extra, right? WELL... The mask made NO difference at all, I didnt feel it did much cleansing of the pores, my skin felt a little dry once I washed it all off, and I felt I needed to triple moisturise after using it... the mask was left on for no longer than 15mins. The only good thing about this mask was the texture of it, ease of application and the scent. Thats it, NADA MAS! (nothing more) so yep, totes disappointed!

I was going to post a before and after, but my skin is so bad with no makeup that I just couldn't put you all through that, you might have nightmares! haha (trust me its bad!)

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