Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nails Inc. 'Jermyn Street'

Apart from make-up I am also huge on nail polish and keeping my nails looking lubberly :) In my quest to decluter my manicure/pedicure bag I came across a nail polish that I didnt even remember having! so you can imagine how excited I was!! (la emocion de encontrar algo nuevo!) yes the smallest thing really do excite me!

Jermyn Street £11.00

So anyways, the nail polish I found was by Nails Inc. the colour 'Jermyn Street' its like a mauve/purply colour? hummm (never been good at describing things well..sorryyyy) anyways just so happens one of my besties was coming over for a manicure/pedicure before she goes on holiday (Colombia bound..que la buena!) so she was my guinea-pig (muuaahahahahah) and the colour looked so amazing on her that I used it on my nails... right now because of me moving etc, all my nails broke (im not just a pretty face, I did alot of heavy carrying) and so I was left with short nails, and by using this colour, it made them look VERY pretty, point is, the colour will look nice on short and long nails! (yes some colours in my opinion suit short nails and other only long nails). I took some pics but with my blackberry since I cant find my cam... I need to find a good camara anyways so I can start taking pics of my make-up, any suggestions anyone???
ok so back to the subject (I am so easily distracted!) .... Jermyn Street nail polish by Nails Inc. GO GET IT!!! este color se ve divino, perfecto para esta temporada...

Nails Inc. 'Jermyn Street' (Please excuse the pic. quality)

Pretty Short Nails thanks to Nails Inc.
Here is the web link for Nails Inc.  

You can get Nails Inc. nail polish from Debenhams and quite a few online retail stockists.

Happy Shopping! muuaahhh JennJenn
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