Friday, 24 September 2010

Mission Failed... but I got some goodies... :)

Hey muchachas...
so I mentioned in my earlier posting that I was going on a mission to locate a product reviewd by Leina on her YouTube channel... well my mission failed simply because I ended up in Bond Street (got my Daddy Yankee tickets) and well since I recently (finally) managed to get myself to chuck my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE EYE LINER (i was literally trying to use every last bit) I thought I would take a trip to Superdrug to go get it, started off in the Bond Street branch, they didnt have it (boooo) so since I was already there I looked around and came across 2 new brands I hadnt heard of, one being BeautyUK & the other being Une Natural Beauty, anyways BeautyUK really caught my attention 1. because it was so cheap! (i told you i love a bargain) and 2. because the packaging to the product i bought was sooo cute (well at least i thought so!) so anyways by this time I had already given up on the idea of looking for Dr Brands Pore No More Pore Refiner (i will take a trip to SpaceNK another time) I thought I would take a trip to Superdrugs in Marble Arch (Bloom Cosmetics is only available in Superdrugs) and I almost got excited when I saw my baby (eyeliner) on the shelf, but then I discovered they only had it in BROWN! uugghhh freakin great!! I am telling you this eyeliner is awesome!!! so awesome that they where out of stock of the black one! apparantly its very popular (well duhhh its like the queen of all liners!) anywhoooo so then I remembered I bought a while back a SLEEK Eyeliner in a pot so I will be using that until I can get my hands on my baby...

So below are pics of what I bought today...

Bloom Eyeliner Brush - angled 
Angled brush £9.00

Sleek Contour Kit
Sleek Contour Kit in Light + brush £8

 Barry M Shimmering Eye & Lip Colour
Shimmering Eye and Lip Colour in Gold £4.50

Beauty UK Metallic Sparks Cream E/S
Green Metallic colour for the eyes £2.49

I also picked up the FREE magazine from superdrug because Beyonce was on the front cover looking amazing AS USUAL!! and I love her make-up in the pic...

So in another post I will do individual or maybe collective reviews on the products purchased... and let you know what I think of them.

muuuaahhhh JennJenn <3

p.s. here are a few links for you:
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