Friday, 8 June 2012

MeMeMe Blush Me! Blusher in Bronze & Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak

I had been eyeing up a few products on the MeMeMe website, when a few weeks ago I saw on their facebook page that they where offering a lipstick and a Blush Me! blusher for £7.00 and FREE postage! a saving of over £10! soooo obviously I couldn't give that a miss!! :)

It was a lil tough choosing what to go for, in the end since I had been wanting a coral shade lipstick (perfect for spring & summer)  I decided to go for Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak (£8.50) and Blush Me! Blush Box in Bronze (£8.50) ... I also decided to give their Skin Illuminator a wizz, I chose Sunbeam.

I was super excited when I received these in the post, so much so that I gave them a go almost immediately... I have now been using these for a few weeks and so far its been ok... I really like the lipstick, its very creamy but quite sheer? I was hoping for a more vivid solid colour, and the bronzer is pretty good, definately gives a nice glow! If you are wanting something matte, then this isnt for you! however if you want something that gives a nice bronzer with hints of gold shimmer then this is definately something to give a try!

Out of the three products, the only let down for me was the skin illuminator... unfortunately it doesnt go anything for me, I feel like it simply disappears without a trace on application.... sorry MeMeMe Cosmetics if you are reading this, but I am one let down customer when it comes to this skin illuminator, which is really sad as I was hoping it would be something to keep in my hand bag for the summer ... poohhhhhh ..  :(

Heres a picture of how the bronzer looks on... 

handy brush and mirror! 

Swatch with flash (taken with Blackberry)

Swatch with no flash (taken with Blackberry)
Below is how the lipstick looks... 

Its actually toned down slightly in the picture... 

I know it looks pinkish, but its a coral shade! lol 

09 Coral Cloak 

I <3 the packaging! 
Did any of you see the same promo on Facebook? if so what did you opt for??? leave your comment below or tweet me! @YENNI447 

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