Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bienvenido Dr Jart+ BB Cream to the UK!

AFTER SO MUCH HYPE CREATED BY @BeautySeenPR FINALLY (if you've been following Twitterville you will know what Im talking about) WE NOW KNOW WHAT 'PROJECTX' WAS ALL ABOUT (drum roll) DR. JART + BB CREAM!!! - QUE? QUIEN? (What?! Who?!) ok for those who dont know Dr Jart+ BB cream is basically the big daddy of all BB Creams! and it has finally landed in the UK all the way from Korea...


Unlike the breed of many of the BB Creams that have already been launched in the UK which are minimal in shades and skin type, Dr.Jart BB Creams cater for different skin types hence why there are 4 different ones in the range, so you can be sure to find one to suit your skin needs! - in all honesty, Im a tough one to get good shades in foundation but have had no problem using the Medium in the Garnier BB! however it can leave a lil oil on the nose after a while but I still loves it ;) 

The one I am super eager to try is the Dr Jart Water fuse Beauty Balm Cream SPF25 - as this one is meant to control sebum production which tends to lead to that unattractive 'cackiness' on the skins surface...its high water content also hydrates right where its needed (you may have an oily skin but you still need hydration!) this one retails at £18.00 

Although these 4 babies will be somewhat 'caros' (more expensive) compared to the current ones on the market at the moment, the hype around it states that VALE LA PENA! (is worth it!) Pay day needs to come round damn quick so I can invest en uno de estos! (in one of these)... 

If you would like more info on these BB Creams then head over to or visit as they are the official UK sellers. If you are on Twitter then follow them @DrJartSkin 

Have any of you tried these already??? What do you think??? Leave your comments below or tweet me! @YENN447

                                 The world has gone BB Loco! lol xoxox

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