Monday, 5 September 2011

Sleeks 'The Original' Palette

I have two Sleek palettes which to be honest have probably only ever used a handful of times... I just havent really seen the color intensity like I've seen on other people... so I quite honestly gave up on them... I found them to be far too shimmery and not as easy to blend... however! I decided to give it one last try... because I am really liking the new palettes that have come out, and want to get them, but I want to make sure I can make the one I already have work for me... sooooo I used the original palette...

Out of the 12 colors I used 3 to achieve the below:

The colors do not have a name so I named them myself ...

PINK - for the main colour
OLIVE - for the outer half of the eye
BRONZE/BROWN - for the outer 'V' and crease
As you can see from the main pic, you cant really notice much of the Olive type green or the Bronze/Brown... but eitherway, I actually felt alot more satisfied with the look this time... to be honest the pictures dont do it much justice...

THE PRODUCTS USED TODAY (I havent shown my whole face in this post as I wanted to focus more on the eyes, but thought I would list all the products I used today anyways)

Barbara Daly Eyeshadow Pen in Shimmer Sand as a base
Sleeks Paletter 'The Original'
ELF Eyeliner Pen
ELF Mascara

ELF Tinted Moisturizer in Beige

NARS Lip Liner
Peachy Pink Lip Palette by Sue Moxley (buy it in Superdrug)

Rimmerl Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel (incase you want to purchase famous by sue moxley, even Sleek makeup)

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