Sunday, 4 September 2011



I think by now my fellow readers/followers you may have guessed that I am not snobbish when it comes to cosmetics ( or atleast I hope you've all realized this ) so when I tell you that I found some really good nose strips at the 99p store (equivalent to the 99C store) it shouldnt really surprise you! lol

I usually go for Biore Nose Strips, they work wonders! I always say I will keep using them atleast once a week but yeah NEVER happens! ggrrrr so anyways, I was walking past the 99p store and remembered a few years back one of my besties saying how she had found some really good nose strips from there, so I went in and looked for some, and came across Revitale Deeply Absorbent Nose Strips (deep magnetic cleansing) these strips contain natural charcoal extract (yeah i know i was also like what! CHARCOAL?!) Witch Hazel, Tea Tree and Sylica.

It is recommended that you use no more than 1 strip a week, and since there are 6 strips in each pack, thats a lovely 6 weeks of deep cleansing...

why do I love nose strips??? Well I have quite a few open pores on my nose, which to be honest you cant really notice them, but hey I do some major face inspections in the mirror!! so I obviously notice all this crap lol .... nose strips pull out about 70% of the dirt that lays in the open pores, and help to tighten them too... whenever I peel off the strips, it looks like a colony! lmao ... aayyyy but anywhooo so my nose looks and feels better after each treatment... If you have never tried a nose strip, i highly recommend you try them out!! a lil secret between you and me... I've even used them on the hubby! :)

So, at 99p a box, again you just cant go wrong!! highly recommend these, and the Biore ones too... so take your pick, and give them a go!!

muuaahhh Jenn Jenn

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