Saturday, 10 September 2011

AUTUMN BRIGHTS.... Colaboration with Ayshe @ DiscoveringBeauty

Hey loves... so today I finally had the opportunity to collaborate in a blog post with Ayshe from Discovering Beauty (YEAYYY!!)

lol plz excuse my retard face in this pic! 
 We had been planning to do this for a while and it was so much fun, anything to do with talking bout makeup and cosmetics is fun to me!! lol
Todays posting will be about 'Autumn Brights' or for my USA/Canada readers 'Fall Brights' - generally this time of the year, people tend to stick to Greens, Golds and Browns, so we took it a step away from the norm and went for a Teal & Purple look... I know I have done a post with a similar look, and many others have used the same look under 'Peacock' Eyes Makeup looks, but we took inspiration from Ayshe's dress which she was wearing to a wedding... it has teals, blues, and purple all over... so pwetty! :)

 Ayshe has only just started experimenting with colour and I think she should carry on using a mix of colours on her eyes, she has beautiful big brown eyes so anything dramatic is going to look UH-MAZIN! see below for some more pics and brief description on what was used ...

Before... always gta have a before pic! :)
She had already applied her base

After Pic... contoured, highlighted, nude lips, bright eyes, eyebrows shaped and filled in - she looked so beautiful :) I know she must have made an impact at the wedding... sorry bride, if she took your lime light!! uupppsssss ;)

  • Eyes primed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Then ontop applied NYX Jumbo Pencil in 'Milk' - blend with finger
  • Apply teal coloured all over lid
  • Apply a purple in the crease - then blend in to diminish any harsh lines
  • Apply a highlighter to the brow bone - I used MAC Naked Lunch
  • Apply a goldish pigment to the inner corners then blend into the teal colour 
  • ELF Cream Liner used to line the upper lashes
  • Apply Lashes - we used ELF lashes
  • Apply mascara to blend the natural lash with the fake lashes
  • Line lowe lashes with an Aqua/Teal liner 
  • Line the water line with a black kohl
  • Using concealer (we used MAC) tidy up under the eyes and conceal any dark circles
  • Fill in and shape eyebrows - we used Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel

  • We contoured using SLEEK Contour Kit in Light
  • Applied highlight to the cheek bone
  • Applied a rose/pink blush then blended it all together 
  • Apply a nude liner to lips, then apply lipstick - we used SLEEK lipstck but i forgot the shade! eekk sorry
And here is the final look :) ... again ;) 
 Watch out for Ayshe's post on todays makeup experience ... and if you are not already subscribed to her blog, go ahead an subscribe!! :)
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