Sunday, 20 October 2013

7 steps to the perfect eyebrows!

Eyebrows for me are super important, the correct shape and color can make or break your whole look... having your eybrows on point even for a minimal look is super important!

My friend came over last night and I reshaped as well as filled in her eyebrows... 

I used an angled brush, and used Fashionistas brow palette to fill in (you can use brown eyeshadow also, or any other brow palette)

STEP 1 - Shape eyebrow with any method you prefer, I used tweezers. 
STEP 2 - using the wax from the palette I went over the brows, this helps to hold the hairs down and keep the shape. 
STEP 3 - mix some of the darkest brown with 1 drop of Illamasqua sealing gel to make a paste (the paste should be a little thick) the sealing gel helps make your eyebrows waterproof & smudge proof.
STEP 4 - line and shape with the angled brush under the eyebrows
STEP 5 - using gentle brush strokes fill in the brows
STEP 6 - neaten up the edges (on top and underneath the brows) with a concealer brush and some concealer, on in this case, I actually used NYX Primer in shade SKIN TONE
STEP 7 - set the primer with a nude eyeshadow and then highlight using any highlighting powder you like. in this case I used Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow in W.O.S and to highlight VENUS.

For the rest of the face, I used Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas in shade 09, this shade was amazing on her, and made her face look flawless, almost airbrushed! 

She loved the outcome of the whole look, that she is now buying most of the products I used on her, in particular the Illamasqua Sealing Gel and the Daniel Sandler Perfect Canvas Foundation

What do you think of her new eyebrows? What method do you use when filling in and shaping yours?? 

LINKS - - for the foundation - I bought my illamasqua sealing gel from here - I bought my eye primer from here, but Very also stock it. - this is where I bought my UD palette. 

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