Friday, 4 March 2011

SPARITUAL - The Vegan & Eco Friendly Range of Products

Ok so yesterday i posted a lil note on the facebook page in regards to SPARITUAL the company who are Vegan and Eco friendly :)
now although I am a meat eater (i just couldnt live without chicken!!! lol) I really love the idea that these products are a lot more friendly towards the environment...

These products are FORMALDEHYDE TOLUENE & DBP FREE as well as PARABEN FREE...
when you use a conventional nail product, there is usually that all familiar alcohol type smell to it, with these products you dnt get that at all, instead its replaced with the smell of essential oils MY NAILS SMELL AMAZING!!!  i couldnt stop smelling them lol

Impeccable protects and seals colour with special polymers, giving nails superb shine. Nail lacquer resists chipping and peeling for lasting manicures and pedicures....

- I have only used it once so I will let you know whether the above statement is true.. one thing though it really does give incredible shine!!

Cuti-cocktail penetrates the nail matix to condition cuticles and promote healthy nail growth. Contains Evening Primrose, Grapeseed and Aloe oils. Scented with aromatic extracts of Ginger and Fuji Apple. Clean, convenient dropper cap ensures easy, precise and hygienic application....

- with just one application I saw a big difference, and I absolutely loved the smell!!!

Andale accelerate dry time and delivers radiant shine on freshly polished nails. Enriched with Carrot Extract and Rice Bran Oil to strengthen the nail and condition the cuticle. Nails are luminous and protected.

- wao talk about incredible!!! it doest lie when it says it gives added shine and super duper fast drying :) absolutely loved this!!!

I purchased all the above at Professional Beauty, each product was £5.75 which i didnt think was too bad!?
They have some INCREDIBLE nail lacquers!! i mean seriously incredible colour choice!! I definately recommend this brand...
for more info check out the website

- they have some really cute small sets which would make a great gift!! and since mothers day is coming up, why not buy this for your mother :0)

muuuaaahhhh JennJenn 
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