Thursday, 28 October 2010

Valeria Cazas, young, beautiful & a UK Latina TV/Radio presenter!

Valeria Cazas is a professional TV and Radio presenter currently working for Latin Eye TV. She has already interviewed a few famous reggaeton artists such as: Arcangel, Yomo, Farruko y Dalmata. She kindly agreed to answer a few questions for LHBM.... happy reading!
LHBM: What inspired you to become a TV/Radio presenter?
Valeria: Since a very young age i had a passion for performing. I absolutely love to dance so i learned how to dance salsa, merengue, street dance and i used to perform a lot in my teens back in Liverpool. As I grew older and going through a lot of things that i went through as a teenager, as a young girl trying to grow an overcome obstacles and seen happening to people around me I decided.... well i said to myself "You know what V... you can do so much more if you truly want to!... you have the personality and you never know one day you could help a lot of other girls out there by having a chat show dedicated to them or just by motivating other people to chase their dreams. And that was it!
LHBM: Where did you study? Or what courses did you do to further your career?
Valeria: I went to Liverpool Hope university where i did my BA Combined Honors in Media Studies and Dance. During my course at university I auditioned to have a show at the Hope radio station, which I ended up getting !!  after that i moved down to London and I've been working with Latin Eye Tv since then.
LHBM: What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the same career path?
Valeria: First of all, don't be afraid to be yourself! you gotta remember that there is only one you in this world and you gotta make the most out of you, your uniqueness and make it glow!! secondly you gotta be a go getter!! nothing will come to you if you dont go knocking doors, you gotta go get it ! and last but not least... try to get as much experience as you can to add on to your portfolio
LHBM: What has been your proudest moment as a TV/Radio presenter? Can you name drop?
Valeria: hmmm... you got me on this one!! haa haa ...I would have to say getting all the interviews in Puerto Rico in such a small time. I had the mission and the letter so when i got there I didnt knw what to expect, so i started making phone calls, getting the camera man, arranging the dates and it happened! I will never forget the feelings I got when I was getting ready to interview Yomo and all the other stars, as Im a big fan of reggaeton.
LHBM:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Valeria: hmmm.... you know what? one thing I've learned about life is has sooo many things in store for you! but what I would love is to became a national presenter, you know! host chat shows for ITV or working for the BBC would also be amazing! and one day I would love to host the MTV Awards!     Big dreams I know! but I believe that if you work hard and you really want something, you will attract what you want into your life!
LHBM: Make-Up wise what cant you live without?
Valeria: Ok i actually didnt have to think hard for this one... I loveee my eyeliner, the darker the better! I love it because it emphasizes my eyes and this is important because as they say "eyes are the windows to your soul" Its amazing what the eyes can do ;)
LHBM: What is your current favorite product both beauty, makeup and hair wise?
Valeria: Ok my favorite products at the moment are Benefit "Boiling" concealer because it doesn't only take away the puffiness under the eyes but it also covers the redness and spots completely. The second one is Mac foundation, I love Mac cosmetics they are a bit dear but they are worth it. 
A true inspiration and role model for anyone, in particular our younger generation of Latinas... Dream Big, Aim High and NEVER STOP until you get to where you want!!

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