Saturday, 31 August 2013

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation RF233


Hola hermosas! hace tiempos no escribia algo, as you are probably aware I totally suck at being consistant! but when I am inspired its because Ive probably found something really good to write about... in this case its about ILLAMASQUA RICH LIQUID FOUNDATION in shade RF233...

I originall got this back in March, I was looking for a full coverage foundation that would photograph well, as I had a wedding to go to in April and so I needed something that would hopefully blurr my large pores and acne scarring and not give me a horrible ashy look in the photographs...soooo after much research and hearing such good reviews, I went and invested in the Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation. I was matched to RF233 which is for Olive Skin with Golden Undertones... I was very happy with my purchase, it went on well for the wedding, but then! I decided to use it on a night out and omg! que feo que se veia! (it looked horrible) I have oily skin, and with this on, you would think I had super dry flaky skin, it also sunk into my pores and scars (even though I had used a primer) and just no! it looked WRONG! ... I then went and bought a stippling brush and tried again on a seperate occasion, it went on ok, but I was now starting to doubt the foundation...I didnt know what I was doing wrong, so I went and read up on other peoples reviews and experiences, and by the looks of it, alot where having the same issue! ... however they all agreed that once you knew how to use it properly, you would fall inlove all over again... so whats the do's and dont's??? instead of babbling on, below I will list a few points to take on board when using this foundation...


  1. MOISTURISE, moisturise,MOISTURISE...and when you've done that, MOISTURISE again! lol 
  2. use a pore/line filling primer if you have large pores or scars
  3. a little REALLY does go a long way! and I seriously mean A LITTLE, not even pea size! SMALLER!
  4. start with one side of the face and then move on, section by section
  5. buff! buff! buff! ... this foundation needs working to acheieve a flawless finish so buff that baby in!

  1. put 'spots' all over the face and then work into the skin, this foundation dries in seconds, so is hard to blend in, if you dont work it in quickly
  2. even if you have an oily t-zone or all over oily skin, dont forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise before you apply this foundation, the key to good coverage with flawless result is a good moisturised/hydrated skin!
Now that I have found the right technique for me, I TOTALLY love this foundation...I do find that my nose gets a lil oily but that is standard to all foundation and nothin that a lil powder wont correct! I also find that mixing with another foundation, like my beloved Giorgio Armani foundation gives even better coverage. I have seriously bad skin, and this foundation is defo great at correcting and hiding my imperfection it is also a great match, which is never easy to find! 

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