Wednesday, 2 November 2011

VOLUMIZING PRODUCTS - PhytoVolume Actif, John Frieda Luxurious Volume and Garnier Crystal Resist Hairspray

Hey ladies... so I have been testing out a few hair products for the past few days, they are Volumizing products.

I have quite fine hair, and I am forever looking at products that will give me good volume when I blow dry...
For a few years I have been using PhytoVolume Actif, and although I do like it, I wanted to experiment with a different product and see how it would compare.

JOHN FRIEDA COLLECTION - Luxurious Volume (Thermo Protect) 
as far as volume is concerned, I have to give it a 9/10 ... however, the only thing I didnt like was how my hair felt around the roots once dry. It felt a little sticky... but the volume lasted the whole day/night... so overal I have to say i do like it, and would defo recommend it.

GARNIER FRUCTIS STYLE - Crystal Resist Hairspray 
This hair spray is amazing, have to give it a 10/10 I loved how you get just enough product out without it all coming out at once and concentrating on one section as some hairsprays do (i know its the nozzel that sucks) but it also doesnt feel as sticky as some hair sprays do, and doesnt leave residue either. I used this on 2 clients hair to hold their curls, and they both had curls in tact even the next day.

Compared to the John Frieda Volume lotion, this one isnt as good. Even though its more expensive, volume wise it gives probably half as much volume. However, what I do like is that it doesnt feel as sticky as the John Frieda volume lotion. I would still recommend this product, but for half the price you can get better results from the John Frieda Volume Lotion, plus it protects from heat when styling.

I bought the John Frieda Volume Lotion & the Fructis Hairspray from Tescos supermarket.
Phyto products are available in Selfridges, John Lewis, pharmacies, salons and also from, and other online stockists.

Muuaahhh JennJenn.

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