Tuesday, 19 October 2010

OJERAS!!! How To Treat Those Nasty Circles!

Las ojeras!! hacen que uno se vea sin vida, cansada and quite frankly makes you feel crappy... Hay mujeres que sufren de ojeras por cosa de herencia, asi como hay mujeres que solo sufren de ojeras temporaniamente... so how do you treat them??? la manera mas rapida es cubrir las ojeras con un 'corrector' al known as CONCEALER lol suena super facil, pero aveces al tratar de cubrir you end up making it worse... to avoid this, I recommend the following:

1. Get a good concealer, one that tends to have more of a 'pinkish' or 'yellow' tone to it as this will counter act the 'blue-ish' tone.

2. Use a SMALL amount, dont plaster it on... start with a few dots and then PAT it on dont use a sweeping action as all you are doing is moving the product rather than allowing it to set.

Product I would recommend:

1. Lierac Diopti-Cerne £17.00 - not only does it conceal but also treats! contains Arnica, Butcherbroom and Mandresy.

2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit £23.00 - this little kit contiene the setting powder que ayuda a que el corrector dure todo el dia.

Remedios Caseros Para Las Ojeras:

1. Aceite De Almendra (Almond Oil) rub a small amount around the eyes antes de acostarse por tres semanas.

2. Tomate y Limon - una cucharadita de jugo fresco de Tomate, mas media cucharadita de Limon, mesclar con un poquito de arina (basically make a small amount of paste with the three ingredients) despues aplicar esta pasta alrededor de las ojeras y dejarselo hasta que empiese a sentir que se empiesa a endureser (por hay 5-10 minutos). Para quitarselo, use algodon con agua tibia.

3. 8 HOURS SLEEP!! - no se trasnochen! (easier said than done, i know i know!)

Hope this helps!
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